The Akatsuki Horror Zine is a zine project focused on exploring the Akatsuki of Naruto using themes of horror.This project will be comprised of a main zine, a NSFW zine, and several merch items.Current Phase: Application Results Upcoming Mar 20-25

exact shipping dates will be determined by turnaround time of production

PhaseStart DateEnd Date
Interest CheckDec 15, '23~Dec 31, '23
Moderator ApplicationsJan 05, '24Jan 15, '24
Contributor ApplicationsJan 20, '24Mar 15, '24
Acceptance LettersMar 20, '24Mar 25, '24
Pitch SubmissionsMar 25, '24Apr 05, '24
AssignmentsApr 10, '24-
1st Check-inApr 30, '24May 05, '24
2nd Check-inJun 05, '24Jun 10, '24
3rd Check-inJul 10, '24Jul 15, '24
Final SubmissionAug 30, '24Sep 05, '24
Final EditsSep 15, '24Sep 20, '24
Pre-ordersOct 05, '24Nov 05, '24


Head Mod

Birdie has run several successful fan events over the years, and is currently in the production phase of the Naruto Cookbook, a zine for which they are the solo mod. Check out their carrd for a full list of events they've moderated.

Formatting Mod

Hi hi!!! my name is Dianna and I have been loving Naruto for over a decade now, and will continue to love Naruto for decades longer.

Art Mod

Yo! I'm Jho and putting little dudes in horrific situations is my favorite sport. :)

Social Media Mod

I'm Spiraling! I'm a writer for multiple fandoms! Naruto was one of my first fandoms and I haven't ever really left - I love the worldbuilding and all of the characters! I'm excited to work on this zine - horror and Akatsuki are an excellent combination that I can't wait to see realized!

Merch Mod

Hello! My name is Lee, and I am a 28 year old Puerto Rican artist and writer. As an avid lover of Naruto, and horror, I am honored to be a part of this project. It’s nice to meet you all!

Server Mod

I’m OneSaltyLeo, I’m a prolific multi-fandom writer and amatuter book binder. Naruto was my first fandom, and I’m still in love with so many of the characters, especially the Akatsuki. I’m more than excited to be working on this zine, and can’t wait to see it come together.

Writing Mod

Growing up in the 90s brought many advantages. So also a very good knowledge of all the monsters that exist. Especially if your favorite monster has always been Godzilla. Monster films, films in which horror is not taken too seriously, but also gothic films have always been something that interested me.

GENERALWhat is this zine about?
This zine is about the Akatsuki, and will focus on using themes of horror to explore the group.
Is this zine for profit or charity?
This zine is pay for production. This essentially means that the zine will be priced to cover the cost of production and contributor bundles. If there are any profits leftover, they'll be donated to a charity of the contributors' choice.
Will the zine be physical or digital?
The zine will be available both digitally and physically.
Who can apply?
Anyone 18 or older.
May I apply for multiple roles?
Absolutely! However, please keep in mind that being accepted for one role will not guarantee acceptance for others.
What do I get for contributing?
All contributors will receive a full digital contributor bundle.
Sales allowing, contributors will also receive a full physical contributor bundle with free shipping.

CONTENTWill there be any content restrictions?
The following content will not be allowed:
• AI [content created using artifical intelligence]
• OCs/SIs/Reader-inserts
• omegaverse
• Smut involving characters aged 12 or under. Referenced abuse is fine.
What types of horror will be included?
The zine will allow all types of horror, though it will lean toward canon-typical aspects of horror.
What type of work will I create?
Artists will be given the option to work on comics or illustrations, and writers ficlets or poems, to create largely collaborative works for the zine, though some pieces will be created independently.
Will the zine include non-akatsuki characters?
Pieces must include at least one akatsuki character. As long as that stipulation is met, other characters are allowed.

Still have questions? Ask here!


please read the requirements linked above before applying

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